Sometimes things are hard

Things that are hard
* Getting up at ass am to go down to Roosevelt High School and help administer the ACT test to hopeful high school school students. I hate getting up that early, especially when you are being snuggled by a dog, a boy and another dog.
* Being in high school is hard. I felt bad watching some of those kids struggle through on that test. I did, however, chastise the girl who forgot a pencil. This is the test to see if you are prepared for collegem if you can;t even prepare for the test…well then…
* Reading about the roots of the palestinian.isreali conflict. It’s hard, it’s frustrating. You want to grab the UN and scream “why did you let this happen? why did you condone it?”, then you remember that the UN is pretty much useless and you can almost always make a connection between the UN’s ineptitude and some egregious human rights violation. It’s so frustrating to read about this. I should go back to the Calvin and Hobbes book.
* penises
* Letting other people plan your party. I thought it would be totally chill to sit back and let other people plan my birthday party. No one has thrown a party for me since childhood. Now I know why, because I desperately want to jump in and start making food, orchestrating meal prep, setting up tables. It’s hard. Really hard. Luckily it looks like the weather tomorrow should be lovely. If you’d like to join us we will be at Minnehaha Falls Sunday at 4pm. Bring your own meat to grill, we’ll have the sides for you.
* Wanting very much to crochet cute little flowers but your hand hurts too much so you’re stuck. That’s hard too. I can’t do much of anything today, my wrist and hand are all achey and painful. I crocheted a bit this morning and now it’s done for the day. I need to do dishes and laundry and I can’t (well, I’m doing laundry but not folding anything).
Rock on party people! See you tomorrow.