Scrape Scrape

So, after an unconscionably long time avoiding the dentist (I mean a really long time) David got me to go.
I have a stupid phobia about the dentist. Not the dentist itself, that’s whatever. My anxiety flows around the fact that you are trapped in a chair, lying on your back and there’s this strange guy with his hands all over your face. I HATE IT! I really can’t stand it.
My doctor gave me a prescription for ativan (next time I’m taking 2!) and David came in and held my hand. Yeah, I’m like a big baby, I don’t care.
After this considerably long absence from the dentist (I mean a really really really long time) the only problem was one pinhole cavity requiring nothing more than a sealant and some tartar build up! I was seriously expecting the dentist to pull out the Big Book of British Smiles!
“Why must you turn my office into a den of lies??”
Also, there’s no more tedious, gum raping picking with the instruments of doom. Nope. Just three minutes of ultra-sonic scrubbing gets all tje tartar off and another 2 minutes of blasting gets the stains out and polishes them up nice. My dentist rules. He rocks. He’s amazing. He caters to cowards!
Go see Dwight C Demaine! The dentist of your dreams!
In other news…
Marshall decided to pop into town for the week which is fortuitous for me because now I have someone to entertain me non-stop during my time off. I also have someone to drive me around so I don’t use my gimpy hand.
Speaking of gimpy hands, I get the cast off wednesday morning and from there we should be able to see what kind of physical therapy I might need (if any). I cannot wait to get this damned cast off, it itches.
And, of course, I hit Trader Joes today. bought a whole bunch of this and that and then we headed over to the wine shop (in minnesota the liquor can’t be sold in the grocery store). I got 14 bottles of wine and a 6 pack of czech beer for $78. I’m going back to get a mixed case of 2 Buck Chuck (which is now $2.99 instead of $2) $36 for a case of wine. woo.
Will update soon.
Go raibh maith agat,
fraoch ban