cram it good

Today I managed to cram all of my calories into one 3 hour period at the end of the day. That’s the really healthy way to do it, right? Skip food all day then at the end of the day shove as much high calorie food in and then go to bed! It’s a great plan.
Today the dreary grey got the best of me. I slept too late, moved too slowly, got distracted. Took me almost 3 hours to do the dishes and clean the kitchen. It should have took me no more than an hour but I kept wandering away, staring off into space…being useless.
After sleeping too late I decided to make my americano and get the dishes done before I made food (or sent david off to get some), but the dishes took so damned long.
By the time I finished it was dinner time. Trying to be a pleasant and lovely girlfriend I decided to make a nice dinner for david before he went out of town (but also I was slow and lazy so it couldn’t bee too extravagant). Sesame crusted tofu with stir fried veggies in a fermented black bean and leftover flat Kristian Regale sauce (it was good! don’t you wrinkly your nose at me!).
Two giant plates served up and then we remember we hae to meet Dean and crew after their Fool Fest show at Mickeys Diner. Damn. You can’t go to Mickeys without getting at least a banana malt.
I’m fat for a reason, people, and that reason is a large banana malt and a plate of fries not 3 hours after a large dinner.
David leaves tomorrow for a few days. My plan whenever I am left alone (as I have this habit of living with people who eat way healthier than I do. You know those women who date guys with problems because they want to fix them? yeah, I’m the opposite. I’m the one dating healthy people so I can ruin them.) is to get massive amounts of bbq carry out and pig out in a slovenly manner. That’s just monday. After that I am hoping to make a couple batches of jam and maybe a batch of lemon cheese.
Woo, let’s hear it for the chica who know how to live it up!!!!