aw shit

They totally got me and I knew they would. Fuckers. They’ve installed those retarded cameras to catch people running red lights because obviously the cops are too busy down at the Krispy Kreme to do the jobs themselve (mock bitterness! I promise). Anyway, they got me on Park Ave and 28th St. I knew the cameras were there, so I can’t really be pissed at anyone but me. And of course it was one of those moments where the minute I hit the intersection I knew they were going to nab me. I’d spent the drive to work behind a succession of blind/retarded elderly ladies, by the time I’d gotten this close to work I was ready to kill. Fuckity. $142. Anyone know how to get me out of this without having to go to court? Dammit. I hate knowing I was wrong and there’s no real way out of it.
Got my referral for the orthopedic surgeon today, will hopefully get my wrist back from the zombie cyst that has taken over.
What did I do this weekend? Some crocheting, a little bit of cleaning, saw the Oscar nominated short form documentaries at the Riverview. I got home early today so it’s dishes, dinner and maybe organizing my yarn a bit.