So it seems the Amazing Adventures of Mavis Potato and Charlie Pumpkin (in which Mavis Potato learns she’s actually pretty normal!) have not been getting much play lately. That’s what happens when there’s another human adult around to talk to, you just don’t have to make up stories to tell the dogs.
But now we’re on to the Super Fun Times of Hippo Head Jones and Crocodile Bob! Hippo Head Jones is the calm, level headed leader of the expedition and Crocodile Bob is her short fused right hand man! Together they are sure to find themselves in many sticky situations!
Yeah, or something…
oh, what’s to say, I make up stories about my dogs, for my dogs.
A friend of mine is going to have a baby so we spent a lot of time looking at crochet patterns. I’m way more confident now about my abilities and will be making stuffed animals and booties. If the stuffed animals go well, I have a secret project that will make me giggle. If it turns out, I will share it with you.
My head is aswim with menu planning. I’m at the good point where I have too many things picked out and will have to cut back.
And I will leave you with this happiness. When Maddie came to live with us in June she didn’t play. She didn’t play with toys or people or Ghengis. Steadily she’s been playing more and more. I watch her and Ghengis making up games to play, she waits until he is watching her then she steals his toys and plays keep away. They wrestle together all the time. The happiest, though, is watching David jump around on the floor with the two of them. Maddie’s piggy little tail going a mile a minute while they jump and growl and retreat and posture. I laugh so hard my belly hurts and my face is stuck with a smile.
It’s a good thing I’ve got going here. That boy of mine and these two dogs. A pretty damned good thing.