you cried but your soul was willing

Okay, so you all know about Overheard in New York right? It’s my addiction. Today’s gem made me laugh because it is beyond true:
Guy: Fuck that shit, man. I still love New York better. Every single time people from Frisco compare cities with New York, you fools bring up your stupid burritos! Well I got news for you: our burritos are catching up.
–2nd Avenue & 5th Street
What the hell is it with people from San Francisco or who go and visit? Are the burritos that good? How good can they be? and are they really burritos or are you just stuffing eerything in a tortilla?
I’ve never eaten a burrito in NYC, at least I don;t think I did. I once at at a shitty mexican place, but I probably had the enchiladas.
Also, I went to coffee with a coworker the other night and I’m sure that if there was an Overheard in Minneapolis, our entire filthy conversation would be on there. She and I talked about hiring greek whores in amsterdam, length versus girth, sex clubs in NYC…and those were the tamer partd of the conversation.
I’m pretty sure no one could hear us over the music, but if anyone did, I apologize to the patrons of the Spyhouse. Sorry.
Why are there no cookies? I think I will make cookies tonight