he’s a little trooper

I put the little guy in the car with a blanket and turned the heaters on in the seat. We got to the vet and he very subduedly (is this a word) tried to play with the other dogs and cats.
The vet loves loves loves ghengis, she’s the vet that he’s seen mostly since I got him. She always gets so excited when she sees him.
She checked his ear and cleaned it out for me. I clean his ear with the liquid, but I rreally need to be getting in there with a q-tip once a week but I’m so scared that I’ll hurt his ears. We’re just going to have to practice.
My vet gave me a big thing of ear medicine, way more than he needs. This way, when he gets another infection I can just treat him at home and not pay another office visit. I’d probably go in anyway, I feel better knowing that he’s being looked at by a professional. Still, it’s nice to not have to buy the ear goo every time.
So yeah, I guess little little ear tubes means I’m going to have to be more vigilant, even if I am super squeamish. I don’t want to hurt my little guy.
Okay party peeps, I’m off to Ramadan dinner with Jessi and her husband. yay Egyptian food!!!