Happy (early) anniversary to David.
Friday is our 1 year anniversary and while I’d prefer to write about it on the day of, we will be going to a goat farm to celebrate and I won’t have internet access.
So, a year ago I’m emailing this guy and we decide to meet. I call him from my office to try to set things up. I end up on the phone with him for like 90 minutes. Then I get home, get ready and call him for directions. I end up on the phone with him for so long that I have to tell him that if he doesn’t let me off the phone I’ll never get there.
I pick him up and we go to the Chatterbox Cafe. He’s very tall and thin, he has a nice smile, laughs at my jokes, makes me laugh. So far so good.
I order my dinner and when it arrives it is full of onions and olives, two things I hate. After eating around them and picking them out, he graciously offers to trade meals with me. Nice. I forgot he was vegetarian, my meal has chicken, he’s eating it anyway.
Hmmm, so he’s really nice. Now I am worried, maybe he’s too nice for me, maybe he’ll get to know me and dislike how un-nice I am.
We go to coffee and sit there yammering on about this and that. He tells me about eating the sand on the beach in Kenya and canoeing in the bayou in Louisiana. I’m sure I tell him retarded stories.
I’m a little nervous, I’m smoking like a chimney.
I drive him back to his place and we end up sitting there talking again. Strangely, at this point I am still unsure about the progress of the date. We’re having good conversation but does he like me? I don’t know. Do I like him? I’m not sure yet.
I’m not even thinking seriously about anything, I’m nt looking for serious, I’m looking for something casual, a fling before I sell my house and head off to the east coast and reinvent my life.
So I’m not sure how the date is progressing, then we kiss.
And now he’s here and I didn’t move and he’s good and kind to me and my dogs and he makes me giggle and smile and laugh.
So I guess that date a year ago went pretty well.
I like you, David.