Would you prefer the easy way?

How is it that our mothers managed to put a meal on the table every damned night? How did they do that? I swear to god I’m lucky if I can get a real meal out there 3 times a week. I’m wondering if having kids is the defining point? The only other person here is David and I know he is capable of feeding himself so it’s not like he’s going to starve to death if I don’t put a plate in front of him.
The sad thing is that half the time i’m uninspired, which is a joke to anyone who has seen my pantry. There are ingredients in there that are so exotic, even I’m stunned. Bhutanese red rice? Yeah, second shelf from the bottom. Egyptian feta? Door of the fridge! Udon noodles? Fridge AND freezer! Authentic mole from mexico? 2 quarts! 2 varieties! in the fridge.
Of course the things I do want to make, like kale risotto or spanakopita have missing ingredients.
I’ve mentioned before that I would love to do something like the Julie/Julia Project as long as someone else funded it, but honestly I just don’t think I would stick with it. I would get bored or tired or disinterested or completely fucking freaked out about removing the membrane from calves brains (is there a membrane to be removed? I don’t know!).
The only time I’m really inspired to cook is when I have company over or when I have discovered a new ingredient. Even then I rarely pull out anything new. Poor Owen has been fed the same lamb meal probably 3 or 4 times now.
Cooking is like a drug, an addiction, you need more more new new all the time or you don’t get high and if you’re not getting high then what’s the point?
I have mole and I have seitan and I have rice and I have veggies and I am going to have to make seitan mole tonight because I really really need to get better about cooking meals.
Maybe I need to write more about what I cook. That would serve the dual purpose of being accountable and driving all of you away from my site completely from the last straw of boredom.
I took pictures of the process of making the rack of lamb dinner in order to share it but I completely forgot to take pictures of the entire middle part of the process and also forgot to take pictures of the side dishes being made so we essentially go from seasoned meat to plate.
Any suggestions out there? Any moms that manage to feed their families every night? Do I need to just give in and start buying more frozen food? Is it worth it to do that just to maintain the illusion of a thoughtful meal?