Holy crap, so I got home last night and went to check my site to see if there were any comments on the new post and WHERE THE HELL IS THE POST??? Oh, right, I got all distracted while writing it then it was time to meet the girls for happy hour and I shut my computer down and forgot to post.
It’s for the best, I’m sure it was boring.
Cafe Du Monde is opening next week!!! YAYAYAYAY! I keep watching the news and seeing the little bits of New Orleans that i loved and it is heartening to see them coming back to life. It is heartening to learn that most of the panicky screaming by the media regarding the rapes, the mass murder of children, the mad max gangs roaming the streets, were overblown and untrue.
Lily is at the airport and preparing to get on the plane! Go lily!
Tonight I am making my lamb dinner for Lily and David and Owen and Shawn. I love the lamb dinner, the people who eat the lamb dinner love it. The lamb dinner is the shiznit!
Last night was happy hour with the girls from work (when i say that I feel like I work in the accounting office for a second rate medical insurance company located in a bland box near an interstate in the suburbs. I’m like 2 degrees away from knit coordinates from JCPenny and hosting Oprah’s book club in my living room on the weekends). We went to Mortimers. We were roundly hated by the bartender and we have no idea why!! We went to the counter, asked for our beers and paid, but she was surly! We weren’t drunk and unruly, we hadn’t even had a chance to become unruly! Also, an old, half-drunk guy tried to sell up angel paintings while we sat there. It was half priced thursday or so he says. We did not buy.
Also, the Sister Kenny institute used a stroke survivor to call me and ask me to donate money to the stroke research program. I felt bad. I told him to send the materials and I’d look them over. I have the hardest time actually saying ‘no’ so i just end up asking for materials to be sent to me.
Okay, chochachos, I have to do payroll so i can leave work early and get the house ready! Have a goodly weekend, I’ll post pics next week.