corporate whore

I feel like I’ve been shopping a lot! Yesterday i ordered a bunch of clothes for fall/winter, everything was on sale too. What happens to your winter clothes? Where do they go? why do you need more and more every year? Anyway, forced myself to get colorful things, i’m on a lifelong quest to make sure I wear enough color.
My new cell phone came today. If I could get one piece of advice it’s to stay the hell away from Motorolas! I had a Motorola V300 and while it was not an expensive phone to say the least, it was a big piece of shit. It’s key problem was that it would just end a call after 30 minutes. No warning or anything, you would just suddenly be talking to air. After it did this a few times it would lock up and you’d have to reboot it. It also could not hold a signal, admittedly, this was probably due more to the dog eating the antenna (antenna is a word I can;t spell and I must look it up every time). I’m back to a Nokia, the 6101. It’s cute, it’s little, I like the flip phones. It has more features than I need (who needs video on a cell?) but it also has features I wanted. Go me.
I’ve also been buying birthday presents and other presents left and right.
And I went to Target and bought more dog treats than is morally responsible.
and to switch gears…
Yesterday on NPR they did a segment on aging. A man spent years interviewing his grandmother as she progressed into old age and into the fog of alzheimers. In the beginning I was struck by a statement of hers, it was early on in the recording sessions, she was still lucid. She said the thing that was hardest about getting older was forgetting your life, she’d said she had had a wonderful life but was forgetting the details. I don’t want to forget my life. I have had such great happiness, wonderful memories and adventures and friends, I don’t want to forget that. I don’t want to forget Ghengis, or being punch-drunk hysterical with laughter in a rest stop bathroom outside Chattanooga TN, I don’t want to forget 2am chili cheese fries at Ben’s or rollerskating an entire summer away when I was 7. I want to be able to sit around with my friends in 50 years and still be able to recount in great detail the horrors of the Precious Moments Chapel, or that time I went to the State Fair with David and I did all the things I ever wanted to do, including eating cotton candy and watching the fireworks. I want to sit there eating my shitty nursing home gruel and wow people with my descriptions of lunch at Len Bergs in Macon.
I don’t want to forget any of this. I hate the idea that I would know, much like the lady in the segment, that i’d had a good life, I just couldn’t rember it. She knew, she knew she was forgetting so very much and it bothered her a great deal.
Perhaps this is why I vomit so much of my brain onto these ephemeral pages. Perhaps I just want a record, not for you, but for me.
And it has been a good life so far these 32 years. So many people met, so many places visited, and there will be more.
If only we could be as tall as we are happy, I’d wrap myself around this earth twice to smile on such joys that are my days.