number 1

I renamed the dogs again, Top Speed Banana and Molasses Face Piggytail. I think Maddie misses being The Right and Good Princess Boombalatty, but she’ll learn to accept it. Ghengis doesn’t mind as long as I pay attention to him.
Busy busy day. Been working on lots of futzidy things at work. I get bedevilled by the little things, I hate to do them, they build up. This is my week to get them done.
Tonight is laundry night. Fascinating.
Tonight is also investigate other web host nights. I am discovering something very surprising. It is NOT HARD AT ALL to find reliable, reasonably priced web hosting that has in-house tech support. I was starting to get worried for a minute. Every domain I contacted I asked clearly if their tech support was based in the US and what is in-house or contracted to a second party tech support company. Answers are splut, BUT there is no wild variation in cost. People, listen to me, you can get in house tech support from people who speak english and actually have access to the machine in question for comparable prices.
It’s raining, I’m doing laundry, David is at class.
Okay, this is the schedule for the Official Lily Visit:
Friday: Lamb night, Owen and Shawn will also be in attendance.
Saturday: Cupcake, Mercado Central, Mall of America, Honk Honk Noodle with Dena and Levi, watching David perform at Balls.
Sunday: Maria’s Colombian Cafe, ….other stuff to be determined! Maybe we’ll do the Mercado on Sunday and have dinner there.
How excited am I to have lily here? Too excited for words.
Honk Honk Noodle!!