Lucky for you

I almost wrote a very long post about how much I love cottage cheese. I thought better of it.
My problem is that I’m taking vicodin for some kidney pain issues. I never take it on weekdays, I don’t take it after noon on Sundays. I’m a responsible painkiller taker. Except that even with the precautions it still takes forever to get that shit out of my system. For a day or two after I find myself staring blankly, thinking about nothing.
I find myself contemplating the absolute beauty of cottage cheese. I ponder the interplay of the salty curds against sweet banana slices. I delight in mixing it with strawberry jam and eating it on toast.
I need to stop taking these pills.
Also, the quote of the day is:
“I’ll be wearing frosting pants”
Surprisingly, I didn’t say it and it wasn’t a vaguely sexual reference.