I’d never been pulled over by a cop before yesterday. Seriously, never. I totally deserve to, I drive too fast all the time.
So, yesterday, judgement falls on me as I’m driving down a little two lane country highway on my way to my mom’s house. Over the hill facing a state trooper who casually turns around and flips his lights on.
He’s very pleasant, a nice guy asking me if I know how fast I’m going. I did, but I feigned distraction and told him how easy it was on these deserted highways. He asked me whose car this was and when i told him it was mine he pointed out that my tabs were expired.
He said ‘hi’ to the puppy then went back to run my license. Couple minutes later, finding that it was clean and the car was definitely mine, he handed me my license and told me to put my tabs on my car when I got them.
No admonishment to drive slower, no “if I catch you again…”. Just “put the tabs on your car when you get them and have a nice day.”
I was going 93 in a 55.