Merry Flu-like Christmas

I went in to Urgent Care today to find out if I was treatably sick or just ride-it-out sick. Strep trst came back negative though the doctor was concerned about the swelling in my throat giving me the usual ‘if it’s still swollen in so many days please come back’.
I have the flu, so it’s all pleanty of liquids and bedrest and Tylenol multi-symptom flu medicine.
Urgent Care was packed to the gills today which didn’t surprise me. It being Christmas eve they closed all but one location, everyone on the planet is sick and all being funneled to this one location. They were so busy they did my exam in the emergency heart attack room. Weird. The funny thing was that the nurse and the doctor kept apologizing to me. The apologized for making me roll up my sleeve to have my blood pressure taken, for having cold fingers when she took my pulse, for the slight uncomfortable moment when she swabbed my throat for the strep culture. I kept telling her it was fine, all normal procedure and all. The doctor kept apologizing because he couldn’t find anything he could treat with a prescription. I didn’t want a prescription, I don’t want any sort of bacterial or secondary infections. I am happy enough that it is just the flu and nothing worse. I understand perfectly well that antibiotics are no good against the flu and you don’t have to apologize to me for not prescribing them.
I am staying home today, will make the 2 hour trek to my mom’s tomorrow. Spending the time at Urgent Care wiped me out and showed that I really am in no condition to drive. I am bundled up in bed with the dog watching the extended version of Return of the King on my laptop. What a great time this is in human history to be sick! When I was a child I was reduced to coloring or reading in bed while sick. Now I’ve technology at my fingertips. or something.
I just got off the phone with my friend, Kerri! You should all wish her a merry merry christmas!