Self Control

It’s freaking cold in my office but the guy in charge of the heat is on vacation leaving the guy in my department that i despise more than anyone else (here at work at least). He and i have verbally tangled so many times in the last couple days that I can not call him up because it will mean he will have to actually come into my office and I will have to look at him and try not to kill him.
The exchange would go like this…
Him: ooh is it too cold for the princess?
Me: Fuck you, you stupid fucking motherfucker get out of my office before I have you fucking dismembered and fed to pigs.
Stuff like that doesn’t look so good on your permanent record. Later interviews would go something like this…
Me: I have great interpersonal skills
Potential boss: before or after you threaten murder people?
so you see my dilemma.
I’ll bully out the cold.