and also you

This morning during my 2nd bout with rush hour traffic ( you don’t want to know…maybe you do, I’m not telling) I was driving next to a big rig with out a trailer attached. Lack of sleep contributed to my utter confustion but it took a full two minutes to comprehend what was painted on the back of the rig:
Cause The Little Voices
Told Me Too
First of all, I always get confused when they don’t use an apostrophe on “Cause”. You’ve cut off the front of the word and an apostrophe would indicate be helpful since the word ‘Cause’ is a word in its own right and to read that word first sets up some expectations about how the rest of the sentence will be read.
Second is the issue of the ‘too’. Is he saying that something he had done had been guided by little voices? He’s using the wrong word here. Or is he saying that the little voices told him something that they had also shared with some other people (but obviously not me)? Perhaps he wants to advertise his participation in this most exclusive of groups. Honestly, (and remember I am talking about someone who chose to paint a poorly conceived slogan on his transportation) I think that if you combine the issue of the ‘Cause’ with the fact that he even went through the trouble to paint that on his truck you can only come to the conclusion that he is using the wrong ‘to’ and is not actually part of some exclusive voice receiving posse.
So then we are forced to ponder this: why would you pay someone cash money to paint something that is:
* Painfully stupid
* Obviously not well thought out
* Grammatically incorrect?
Well I think you should look no further than the back of that truck for your answer.