More bitching about art

Once again the time has come for me to bitch about art. I work at at art college, so this is a pretty regular thing for you.
Art does not exist in a vacuum. If you want to create art, please remember that other people will be experiencing this art, sometimes against their will. My advice to artists, if they want to maintain the general goodwill of the community around them, is to live with their art for one month. That’s right, lock your ass in a room with whatever it is that you have created for public consumption.
You want to display photos of fat old men with poorly formed man breasts standing around in bathing suits? You want to REALLY find out what kind of message this sends to society? Hang this photo on the wall and lock yourself in. Man-breasts send a message about the state of society, you should know.
How about a looping video? Man, do i love the looping video projects. 30 days minimum in a tightly sealed room. That which you find meaningful upon creation might not seem so important after the 357,256 replay. Just a thought.
And Confidential to the guy who installed that piece 100 feet away from me that buzzes and hums randomly throughout the day:
There is a special, well-lit room in hell for you. And even if the physical manifestation of this project gets destroyed, its spirit will be waiting for you in that room.
Thank you.