The other day my car told me to change the battery in the key remote. My car told me this. Seriously, a little message popped up on the dashboard display to tell me that the battery in my remote had gotten low and I should replace it. I didn’t have to wait for it to die to figure out it was low, my car told me in advance that I should change it.
Now this is my question to the rest of the planet, do you honestly believe that in a world where you can own a car that would tell you the state of the battery in the remote anyone would really, truly support George Bush? The answer is no. You have to believe me when I say that we aren’t supporting him. We aren’t. A world that produces automobiles that give friendly reminders is not a world that has room for small-dicked, power-hungry, coke-addled miscreants and their personal puppeteers.
Not that I am highly opinionated or anything.