Now don;t take this the wrong way

Okay, I wanted to write a little post about my issues with St. Paul, but instead I am forced to go on the offensive and just say that St Paul sucks, specifically, downtown St Paul. Tonight, the girl and I were going to go on a date, dinner and a movie and coffee (could we not be more prime time television?). I picked a restaurant that I had heard good things about.
We left early and headed over there. It was closed. Closed. On a Sunday evening this restaurant was not open. In the middle of a major metropolitan area, this restaurant was not open. So we hopped in the car to head to a nearby restaurant. Closed. And so were the other eateries in the vicinity.
Closed on a Sunday night.
We’ve always known that downtown St Paul is kind of weird in the way it always feels a little deserted but this was absolutely crazy.
No, not crazy, pathetic. Yeah, you over there in St Paul, you heard me, PATHETIC. I mean it. I can not think of a street level restaurant in downtown Minneapolis that would be closed on a Sunday night, or if there was one, there are 15 others near by to take your business.
Sure, St Paul has that quaint feel to it, but they can keep their creep quaintness to themselves, I’m not going back.