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The Others
Good movie with some bad features.
Bad feature 1: Nicole Kidman, she can’t act.
Bad feature 2: Bad dialogue, it came across as choppy and forced and sometimes unrealistic. Part of it could be blamed on BF1.
Bad feature 3: Too much obvious exposition, you spent the whole time waiting for certain elements to come into play. And they did like clockwork.
On the other hand, it was beautifully suspenseful. Tension built, you saw things happen, you waited for things to jump out. But (and this is important) you almost never saw anything scary. It was a menacing film and it had a nice little twist at the end.
Was it an intelligent film? Not really, but it was a film you could get lost in for a couple hours.
This was based on the book “Red Dragon” and is the first in the series of Hannibal Lechter stories. The movie was interesting and the actor who played Hannibal in this one was very good.
Pretty ambivalent on this one, some parts were good, the end was confusing. Perhaps if I was paying more attention the ending would make more sense.
What a sucktacular piece of crap. Storyline sucked. Situations were too contrived. Characters became cheap versions of themselves. The turd flavored icing on all of this was the screenplay written by David Mamet. My hatred for David Mamet cannot be expressed sufficiently here. His dialogue sits in your mind like a Tylenol dissolving on your tongue. Rent Oleanna or The Spanish Prisoner to get a true taste of how bad his dialogue is. This movie was just a parade of gore and guts…
Oh, look, there are some intestines…there are some brains…ooh, a man with an icky face who talks like Jimmy Stewart.
Hannibal is only slightly better than finding a turd on your floor too big to be blamed on the cats.
Good, intriguing, forces you to think. I like movies that make me think. I definitely need to see it again to put everything together. By now we all know the premise of the movie and that it is shown in reverse sequence. The reverse sequence thing is nice because as the viewer you are just as confused about why he is in the situation as he is because he has no memory.
A fascinating movie that needs to be seen twice.
That’s pretty much it for now. I have ‘Waiting for Guffman’ waiting to be watched. Perhaps tonight?