Wasted Time

At my last job I had Microsoft Outlook for my email and day planner. It came loaded with all kinds of nifty functions and many of them were useless. My favorite useless feature had to do with synching Outlook with your special Timex watch.
I don’t wear watches because they get sweaty and smell and I tend to break shit and frankly I have enough problems trying to keep my pants in order; I don’t need to worry about a watch.
One would think that you need some sort of special equipment to synch your watch up with your computer, but that just isn’t the case with Outlook and your special Timex watch. Apparently you just need to hold it to the screen and it does the work for you. I decided to see what would happen.
The set up was easy enough. It asked what info I wanted to transfer and I picked all of it because one can’t be too choosy when synching a watch that doesn’t exist. I hit start.
My screen turned black
Seven white lines appeared
A flash
Suddenly the lines flicker and flash, and vibrate and dance to a beat all their own. It was mesmerizing. It was over too soon. I was thrilled and disappointed all at once. Then it asked me if it was successful. It seemed successful and yet I felt empty, so I hit NO.
It did it again.
I made it run over and over again. It looked like my computer was important and busy. I would scowl as people walked by. I HAD FOUND MY DIVERSION.