I win

Here is a list of things that are very American that people in developing nations would rightfully kill us for doing.
* Buffets: Gorging ourselves on marginally nutritious food and throwing away much of what we take.
* Car Washes: Dumping huge amounts of water and soap on our environmentally disastrous automobiles just to make them look pretty.
* Soda: We have regular access to what is arguably some of the world’s cleanest drinking water, but we prefer to imbibe artificially flavored and colored beverages.
* Multi-room, multi-bathroom houses: most people don’t even have a roof to shield them from the elements and we spread ourselves out over the land living 2 or 4 to a house that could hold many more.
Now, many of you are ready to call me a self righteous twit, but I freely admit to participating in each of these activities with gusto and pride. Casino buffets rank up there as a fun time for friends and families. I bring my car to a place where they wash and dry and vacuum and armour-all it for me. Why drink orange juice when orange soda approximates its color so nicely? And finally, I live with one other person in a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom house in which, except for the lack of kitchen, it could be easily cut into 2 fully functioning separate living spaces.