1. my laptop did NOT DIE!!! It was the airport card. Awesome? YEAH! I’m tethered to an ethernet cable until I get a new card, but that’s fine. My laptop lives! Despite all the abuses, it lives!
2. made it to and from Thanksgiving in Missouri despite route confusion, bad weather and getting pulled over 4 times in one night. State trooper #4 totally apologized to us! Funny!
3. Dramamine was sent from the moon as a gift to me to use on Chester. Unfortunately, that dog is like a fucking reverse alligator! He’s not letting you stick anything in his mouth and he will clamp those teeth down and not open them. What the fuck, Chester?
4. I slept a lot today.
5. Maddie lost a lot of weight on this trip. She does not do well with stress. We’ll get the pounds back on her.
happy happy y’all
I’m going back to bed.

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