12 12 12 12!

Monday…was there a Monday this week? I don’t remember.
Tuesday….Psychiatrist told me I probably shouldn’t say I’m ‘crazy’. New therapist didn’t talk to me for 10 minutes before deciding I had Attention Deficit Disorder. I don’t have ADD. She sucked but whatever. The dentist blasted all the soft tissue out of my mouth leaving me with a bony interior! Then we had burritos in the back yard with beer and the dogs and sunset.
Wednesday…Anna and I went to OPH for lunch….mmmmmmswedish pancakes (she had bacon pancakes! those are like a sin but not the kind that makes you burn for eternity!) then off to buy the ‘best per yard priced’ yarn for the Ravelympics contest on Ravelry. I have a completely new design in my head and I need to start swatching now! Then we watched David Attenborough and went to the dog park and watched about astronauts and then she went home and I went to bed!
Today is Thursday! Today I learned how to hand spin yarn! Dawn made a spindle for me and had me over today for spinning lessons. I’m going to make a weekly habit of going to Dawn’s, she’s got 3 awesome kids that are so much fun to watch. The fought over who got to frost the cake next, they made birthday cards for their dad, they swam and ate goldfish crackers and got soap all over the bathroom counter and were generally just regular kids.
now I must make order of chaos and get my yarn related projects in order. I can’t work for a while but that doesn’t mean hiding in the house and punishing myself. I am ‘scheduling’ my projects so that I can get things done. boom.

2 thoughts on “12 12 12 12!

  1. ADD? That’s hilarious. I went to a new shrink and poured my heart out and she told me she needed to know within the next 24 hours if I wanted to keep seeing her because she could only take on so many clients. Bitch.

  2. just you wait until they really feel comfortable with you…it shall all be armpit farting demos and funny farting and burping the alphabet. that was company behavior you got ya know…

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