The border line of operative area for the wireless internet network in Minneapolis is literally 1.5 blocks from my house. I can occasionally pick up a signal from it but it doesn’t hold.
SO CLOSE….So close to not having to give Comcast any more money! I still still hate Qwest more than anything but Comcast can suck it for all I care.
Is it in any way illegal or unethical to attach a set of Neuticals to my cable modem with a note that says “suck it, Comcast” when I return it? Just wondering.
A guy just jogged by. He looks exactly like a church youth group leader that is totally wanting to be Scott Stapp (before the skanky blow job video) and he’s “totally down” with kids today. You can tell by his meticulously groomed mid-neck-length hair. It’s not shoulder length, that would be too much, and he keeps it very clean and conditioned and brushed and shiny. He’s a rebel with excellent grooming skills.
AAAAND I have the new Minnesota Monthly magazine on my desk (a magazine I really hate…really really hate) because it has an article about the dipshits who made a “crime solving” website around the murder of an MCAD student last year. I know I am supposed to practice “Right Thought” and everything, but I’m sorry, these people are stupid. A fast processor and coffeeshop internet access does not make you a homicide detective. Watching CSI:Mankato and Law and Order:Traffic Ticket Unit does not impart a real understanding of forensics or criminal prosecution.
anyway, there is an article about my friend, Yuri, in this months issue that is interesting and very Yuri and totally worth checking out. Moreso than the article about intertoobs cops.
Coming up: Chester makes a fantastic discovery about snow! Stay tuned.
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