The things that were not true

I cannot tell you how disappointed I was the day I realized that the eyes and nose on a Peep were not chocolate. They’re brown. In the world of candy, brown equals chocolate (and on the rare occasion root beer, but those are dark times). Even the tiniest bit of brown is chocolate.
The weird thing about it all is that it never occured to me that I was not tasting chocolate. I was just satisfied to eat my sugar coated sugar bomb with its three little dots of chocolate. Later, I actually picked the eyes off and ate them thinking “oooooh tiny tiny chocolate eyes!…..goddammit! these taste like teeny tiny bits of wax!!!” If I wanted to eat wax I’d eat a candle!
You know when you’re happily eating something delicious and you can’t quite place what it is, the texture is just so unique and then someone says “oh! I didn’t know you like horse rectum!”? And you find yourself in that bind where you kind of don’t want to be eating horse rectum but on the other hand it did taste good….
This is kind of like that except without the rectums and it didn’t taste like anything at all. Do they owe me a multitude of tiny chocolate eyes? Should I just accept that they are not responsible for my own misperception?
What the hell people?

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