I have a headache in my temples. It’s killing me. It won’t go away. I imagine it’s related to the amazing amounts of snot crammed into my sinuses. I think I’ve not been clear about the amount of thick, sticky mucous that is self replicating in my head.
There is so much mucous in my head that is NOT finding any escape route that it is now popping my skull apart at the seams. I expect that within the next 18 hours every bone in my skull will detach from the others and my snot filled head will continue to expand. At some point I will be a body with a HUGE blobular expanse rolling around and draping over my shoulders.
Gangs of miscreants will graffito tag my head.
I finally got my car back (almost a week ago, but I haven’t really been able to drive it due to massive snot invasion). Sometimes you don’t realize just how many things need to be fixed on your car until you take it in and have everything fixed. Then you drive it and you’re all “MY CAR IS AWESOME!”. My car went from a worry to a pleasure boat and all it cost was a VERY LOT OF MONEY!
Here’s to snot pain and smooth cars.
David’s at the grocery store, I wonder if I can eat all his ice cream before he gets back?

3 thoughts on “spike

  1. M’damn :P
    I too have been sick. Are you familiar with strep that attacks your throat then your sinuses and finally gives you such bad laryngitus that you don’t talk for two weeks? This began on the 24th of December. Plus AT THE SAME TIME CUZ FATE IS AN UGLY BITCH – i’ve had an attack of uveitus ( a fun eye thing that feels like someone is stabbing a knife into your iris..for days) The vision in my left eye is still messed up but i’m at least able to get on the computer again without falling to the floor in a crying heap of mucous)
    Miss you

  2. ice cream? Hmmm, I think you may be on the ramp that leads to the road to recovery. (Yay!)
    and rewselene sick too? Poor thing!
    But Chester wins.

  3. well you’re feeling better so put another post up. I really want to know what is going on in your life right at this moment. Like right now I’m feeling anal pressure. I’m feeling the need to poopie. OH DUDE I ROCK!!!!

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