nerdy yarn thing

okay, this is my nerdy yarn question….
I am sickeningly in love with the Kauni multicolor yarn and the things you can do with it when you multistrand it. The thing is, even the softest baby alpaca and lambswool irritates my skin and leaves me with a red rash on my neck. The Kauni is an itchier wool yarn. I don’t want to sound like a dick, but if I’m going to do a stranded sweater with an intricate design, I’m making it for me.
So, I keep throwing this question out there….I am looking for a softer yarn with looooooooong colorways (kauni seems to average about 45 yards per color before it changes to the next color. Compare this to sock yarn which gives you a color change every 12 to 24 inches). Long, long bright colorays in a DK or sport weight. Fingering weight would be the awesome, but I’m not picky. I did find a place online selling cones of yarn by the pound that I can dye myself, but I’m hoping to avoid dyeing for a little bit if I can.
If you know you will comment. IF you don’t know you will send me…candies!