I did it

This is a post about yarn and crochet. If yarn and crochet are not your thing or if you are bored hearing about yarn and crochet you will not want to read this. You might, however, want to look at this.
I got to leave work early today to go yarn shopping! You know it’s a good day when you can do that.
Before I left, a certain…someone…emailed to tell me that Borealis had a new shipment of Smooshy in stock. Sigh, it’s so soft and beautiful. Also, it’s $21.50 a skein and I need at least 4 but probably 5 to make a no frills sweater for me. I controlled myself. Kind of.
I met my stepmom at Borealis. She got there a little before me and since she knew what she was getting she managed to be a much more efficient shopper than I was. Also, I spent about twenty minutes rolling nude in the Smooshy.
I picked up 2 balls of Sockotta, 2 balls of Trekking XXL, and 2 balls of Opal. You do not want to know what this cost.
The Sockotta and Trekking I got in sets of contrasting colorways for a stranded mitten idea in my head (mmmm my head). Plain black and plain grey for the Opal, this will be used for Owen’s scarf (this is the 3rd or 4th yarn purchase for the scarf. I think I’m being too picky about it!).
We went next store to the coffee shop to work on our projects and get a bite to eat. I started my grandfather’s mittens. I’m very pleased with the pattern I came up with last night. Unfortunately, I don’t think I have enough for a matching hat, but I’ll work something out.
Later we had indian food and I finished the first mitten and started making gauge swatches for Owen’s scarf and blah blah blah awesome! CROCHET! AWESOME.
Pictures tomorrow! I promise. I need to sleep now.