yeah, i’m here

I’m here, I’m fine. I appreciate everyone who took the time to check up on me. I needed it. I mostly spent the weekend sleeping, or trying to sleep or pretending to sleep or being crabby. I’m good at crabby.
In other crabby news
1) I could not possibly care any less than I do about the writer’s strike. I just don’t care. Yes, i am an avid supporter of unions, yes, I do believe that collective bargaining is what allows us to be humans at work and not donkeys 7 days a week. Sure, their issue is probably valid, what little I’ve heard of it sounds fine. I just don’t care. At this point, I don’t think anyone in hollywood, and I mean the vague hollywood that includes every damned thing on tv and in the movie theatres, should shut up about money until they start making things that don’t suck so very hard. How many different television shows can there be about moody doctors with issues? moody detectives with issues? magical crime fighters that solve crimes with super tweezers and their issues? a wacky family with wacky kids and in laws that live near by?
And I figure it’s just a matter of time before they make a Diff’rent Strokes movie. if we’re really lucky, Will Smith will play Arnold.
2) I’m half way through my 3rd pirate hat. After this christmas I am never making another pirate hat again. Ever. It’s not that they’re hard, they’re super easy, but I don’t like making the same pattern over and over. There’s just no challenge in it.
3) chester has entered into some sort of weird jealous phase. he’s decided that he’s the only one who can be by me. if maddie comes near, he growls. If maddie hears growling she’s all, “is that growling on the heather? I better investigate and make sure she’s safe!” and if she comes to investigate then chester is all, “didn’t you hear me? this is my lady! stop trying to be the boss of me!” and maddie goes, “the growling on the heather is getting louder! OH MY GOD”
and this escalates a bit until Maddie gets too close and Chester jumps on her and they fight. Then maddie really gets freaked because now there is real danger on the heather and she must help and defend the heather from all danger! She she really goes at it and chester thinks she’s really being a total dick for not only not leaving him alone but also for making him fight so he gets nuttier.
and none of it ends until I grab them and maddie accidentally bites me and I make them both go away.
on the other hand, thing are going better and I got to meet the famous KnitGrrl last week and we talked about art and penises and yarn and sex and gossip and old people and penises and once I touched her butt just so I could say I had. We went to the O’Keeffe show at the MIA…it was okay, only go if you are a member and it’s free. Then we saw the Kahlo show at the Walker. I recommend this highly. I say pay whatever they ask. or go on thursday night when it is free and stand in the long line. whatever. just go. Actually, I might go back when it is less crowded and see it again.
more…real stuff…later.