The mistake

I always do this. Someone asks about the dogs, or makes mention of them or whatever and I pull up the dog photo album (link on the right…see…over there). Then I go clicking through, smiling and laughing at the photos, remembering all my happy dog times.
And then of course it hits me that I don’t have Ghengis anymore. He is gone. I look at photo after photo of him and it becomes so very painful. It’s raw and heavy and bittersweet. Still after all these months I weep for the loss of my dog.
This is the photo that will be placed on Ghengis’ box when it is completed

If I believed in a heaven and an afterlife, this is what I imagine it is like for him.

4 thoughts on “The mistake

  1. Oh what a baby… who’s a dog? Yeeeessss… so cute. Whoever that puppy is in your photos is also unbelievably adorable. Sorry you lost such a beauty, but I’m sure you are right about doggy heaven.

  2. That is exactly how it is. I just wish I had a pic of Miss. Kitty to show me how happy she is in the afterlife

  3. Nothing made Ghengis happier than running at top speed around the dog park. if he could spend eternity hauling ass across a wide open field in the sun, it would be perfect. I miss my little dog so much.

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