Screw you, spam

The comment spam has been building up quite a bit lately. I regularly junk 10-15 comments from my site and I know that is low compared to some sites. It’s all useless crap unless you want your penis enlarged or you are looking for a hot tip in the penny stock world.
I’m looking at 2 options for authentication. One is to have you commenters leave a legit email address. I know that some of you don’t want to post your email address. The other is to use TypeKey. I’m leaning towards TypeKey because it is a solid program and while you have to give TypeKey a valid email for authentication purposes, it does not have to be published when you comment on the site.
I know some of you are all like “I don’t want to give out my email because blah blah blah” and I can appreciate that. Sort of. So, leave a comment, tell me what you think and I’ll make my decision in a day or two. Fair enough?

8 thoughts on “Screw you, spam

  1. You could also use one of those capcha thingies. You know, where you have to enter a code that proves you’re human (or some kind of sophisticated robot).

  2. Ahhh comeon, spamming you is one of my favs! I promise to quit hitting you with parent sex. And that was half penny stock.

  3. If I wanted to earn $500 a week I’d start charging all y’all for the relationship advice I’ve been handing out lately!

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