HA! Screw you! SNOWBITCH

We got something like 8 inches of snow or something. We shoveled it up and put it away and it’s done. The pain will be this evening when we bust out the snow boulder pile left on the sidewalk by the plow.
In direct defiance of the snow, David and I got up early on Saturday, drove 8 million miles across town to the office of the International Vet of Mystery to pick up Maddie’s ear medicine and then spent something like 3 hours at Fleet Farm. Sexy, no? We left there with 80 pounds of dog food, 4 dozen canning jars, 300 different stuffed dog toys, a flannel shirt, a bag of pig ears, pecan caramel clusters and 2 smoked pig kneecaps.
I bet you didn’t even know you could purchase smoked pig kneecaps! you can. They’re $.79 on sale and the dogs love them.
We are never going to Petsmart again. Petsmart is nice and all, but almost every dog related thing we looked at was 50% cheaper at Fleet Farm and when you have two dogs you have to consider these things. Of course there’s the added benefit of spending 3 hours in a store that sells “Poultry Meat Maker” chicken feed and had 3 fat guys inspecting the jeans trying to figure out the new “styles” for this year.
It’s this entire store marketed to a demographic that isn’t me in any way and yet I love it so much. I got 80 pounds of dog food people! 80 pounds!!! What is that? like a 4th grader or something?
Holy christ.
Yeah, I wish I had something more exciting, like a drunk fest or a moon raid, but it was just many hours at the farm suppply mega store and the finishing of the dino purse (photos soon)

2 thoughts on “HA! Screw you! SNOWBITCH

  1. dude, i work across the street from the fleet farm. ACROSS THE STREET! you can imagine how much time i spend there looking at giant tires and salt licks. muy bueno. also? the fleet farm gas station has THE BEST car wash ever. confirmed.

  2. I know! I had to drive levi up there once because you are sick and he had to drive you to the doctor and David’s friends live near there and every time I see that fleet farm I think of you working so nearby!
    also, 80 pounds of dog food!

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