The Storm is Coming!

Everyone is talking of the storm. There are whispers and warnings and amazing wonderments. It’s like somehow, one snowless winter has made everyone forget their Minnesota Heritage. Come on, people, we grew up with this. We know blizzards! There is nothing the sky can vomit on us that we can’t just wipe away with a ruddy nordic scoff.
And hell, I think we can all pretty much agree that those childhood photos of us standing in front of 6 foot snowdrifts are a thing of the past for Minnesota. Since the Halloween blizzard of ’91, our snow fall has diminished steadily. We know this. News of 6 foot snow drifts will only be coupled with “lake effect” and “colorado” from now on. And as things get warmer they will only be referred to in sort of a strange historical sense.
The snow is coming this weekend, sure. Fine. I imagine it won’t be nearly as awful as anyone expects.
I, for one, will be making a white bean and cabbage soup tonight along with some rosemary bread. If we get snowed in I’ll spend the weekend dining on soup, crocheting robots and dinosaurs and making jam.