I can bore you to tears…

My mom came down this weekend and she and I went yarn shopping. Yarn shopping is one of those magical things for me that makes me wish I had a hundred billion dollars and 80 zillion hours. I’d do nothing but create fantastic and beautiful things from the end of my hook.
My big find this weekend (besides size 30 crochet thread and a 99 cent big eye bead threading needle) is this fabulous Chinese yarn. It’s extra fine lambs wool, spun out to a thread weight. It’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s fine enough to do lace work but lighter than cotton thread so it will actually drape. I promised a friend of mine a long time ago that i would make her a scarf. I’m going to string these light green seed beads on this pink yarn and make up a beaded lace scarf for her. I’d like to make something bigger, but at $20 a ball, I’m not really going to be buying a lot of this.
Let me just say, I just cannot tell you how lovely this yarn is. It’s so soft and pliable. I’d post a link to it, but I can’t find anything about it. I’ll keep searching, then you guys can buy me yarn!
I started making tiny beaded bags. It’s easier than I thought, but it makes my hands ache to work on it. I got 2 finished on Saturday night and started a 3rd, but I don’t like the way the 3rd is working out so i’m frogging it and starting over.
I’m hammering out my finger puppet pattern. The basic design is there, i just need to get proportions right. I’m stash diving for the finger puppets, just using those odd ends of skeins that accumulate in the bucket. I’d separated them out and put them in a bag to pull from as I needed them. I stupidly left the bag on Chester’s kennel and last night while David and I were out at the Guthrie, Chester ripped open the bag from below, pulled all the yarn through, chewed up the bag and then managed to unwind probably 187 different skeins and twist them together. Luckily he didn’t eat anything, I don’t relish the thought of pulling 100 feet of yarn out of my dog’s butt.
So there you have it. A post even more boring than the ones I do about food!

5 thoughts on “I can bore you to tears…

  1. 1) Will you knit me a scarf? Everybody around me would be happy because I might finally be dressed appropriately for freezing weather. I’ll wear it with my tank top!
    2) My friend had the stupidest dogs. He would describe all the things they would eat and the way they looked once they had been, um, “processed”. Taco bell hot sauce packs, dental floss, bags of cotton balls, rocks — you name it, these dogs would eat it.

  2. 1) yeah, what color or colors do you want?
    2) yeah, while I occasionally take note of such information, i try to refrain from sharing it with the world

  3. I had a friend who’s dogs used to eat socks, and their whole back yard where the dog hung out was dotted with socks filled with poop. It was really funny.

  4. so not cool for those people to blame that on the dog! They needed to just admit they loved to shit in socks and leave them in the yard OR clean up after themselves.

  5. fingerpuppetsfingerpuppetsfingerpuppetsfingerpuppets!
    Bela ate a bar of oatmeal soap once. and also once a whole bag of Halls with Echinachea and Vitamin C. i called the vet to make sure he wouldn’t die, and she said “nope, he’ll be fine. and he certainly won’t have a cough!” hehehe.

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