When David has the stomach flu…

When David has the stomach flu I end up wiggling the stick and jerkin it up all around town!
So David’s all laid up with Stomach flu and I have to make a pumpkin cheesecake and a pear/fig/chevre dish for dinner at his sister’s. I’m having ongoing electrical issues with the headlights on my car and so I cannot drive it after dark until we get it figured out. David’s car is a manual transmission that I have driven exactly once.
I cannot drive my car as the sun has set.
David is too sick to drive me to the store.
I realized tonight, as I was lurching my way across town that 90% of road rage incidents must come from people driving manuals getting pissed at the jerks who drive too slow and make them get all flustered about hitting the clutch and braking and shifting and all that. That’s my theory anyway.
Tomorrow I will post recipes.
Now I must sleep.

3 thoughts on “When David has the stomach flu…

  1. Jerkin’ it up? You should know that there is no gear you can shift to by pulling up on the stick. Maybe that was your problem?

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