The democratic process is…so….sexay

Yeah, i voted. I voted long and I voted hard. I voted until the electoral process ran down my leg. That’s how I voted.
For years Minnesotans chose between liberal and really liberal, even our ‘republicans’ weren’t real GOP republican, just fiscally conservative, Scandinavian none-of-my-business types. Lately it seems this precious and beautiful oasis of liberal thought and social safety nets has been invaded by actual conservatives (fuck you very much, Norm Coleman).
A state filled with unionized miners that understood that unions were good, that collective bargaining meant safe working conditions and living wages instead of getting fired the first time you complained about something. A state full of Scandinavians that kept their noses out of everyone’s business but still knew that quality of life was only as good as the lowest rung on the ladder, so they paid higher taxes and didn’t mind because it meant better schools, better social programs and a better society all around.
And it was so nice for a while.
Oh well, at least we’re not Wisconsin.
All in all things went okay. Most of the people I voted for passed. I voted against the transportation amendmentbut that passed. I’m not so worried about that, they’ll end up unpassing it soon enough. Our jackass governor got re-elected. The back of the ballot made me laugh, it was almost all unchallenged judicial seats. Most people don’t vote for the unchallenged people because it doesn’t matter. I totally vote for them because i fucking love to vote. I love filling in the circles (in minnesota we have simple oval-esque circles next to each of the candidates names, no chads to pop out, no marbles to count, no chickens to kill, just simple circle filling).
In other, non election related news…
The trifecta of the apocalypse is in motion…Doogie Hoswer is gay, Britney is getting divorced and Rumsfeld is out of a job. Could the world be any crazier or unpredictable????

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