um weird

I just looked down to find a slug on my foot. A slug. On my foot.
It’s either 1) something I picked up while walking the dogs or 2) some sort of karmic repayment for feeding an ant covered cookie to Anna.*
David put it outside. All is good in the world
* of course Anna did clog my sinks and cause my wash machine to leak

2 thoughts on “um weird

  1. I wonder where you ever found Anna. Is she your slave? You do seem to treat her that way and she doesn’t appear to put up much of a fight.
    I can imagine that once upon a time you saved a part of a rainforest for some tribe of pygmies and they gave you Anna as a present.
    Or maybe you saved her life once and now you own her.
    Do you hire her out for parties? Are your rates reasonable? If so I am interested.

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