Screw you, Maartha Stewart

That’s right, screw you, Martha Stewart! I can do what you do but I can do it without being forced to play lesbian housewife to a bald bull behind bars.
Burn? oh yeah! suck it up!

Strawberry Smartass Jam (thanks to Alex for the name!). Tasty strawberry jam with crystallized ginger. Yum.

Spicy german brown mustard! Good for brats and happiness. On the counter I have a batch of dijon mellowing. Tomorrow I will divide it, half will be dill and half will be chive.

I feel all productive! I even cleaned the entire kitchen.
And in non-old lady news I have pics related to the birthday…

My dad wearing his pinwheel hat at my birthday party! Pinwheel hat!

My magical pirate ship kite that David got me for my birthday. YAY!!!!

There, pictures posted.
Now for popcorn and movies!

One thought on “Screw you, Maartha Stewart

  1. What’s with all the anger at Martha? I, too, can do a great many things that Martha Stewart can do, but not all as well or as elegantly as she can. As for your comment about MArtha going to jail—WHAT’S IT TO YOU!!! Stop acting like some holier than thou snob! Besides if she’d been a man she would have been rewarded for refusing to give up her info. Lets face facts they only went after MArtha because she refused to bend over and take it up the ass which is what most Republicans expect us all to do. I bet you’re a George Bush fan as well!! Well, now there’s an true idiot for you!! The only thing I figure is that you can’t do much of anything right and are jealous of Martha Stewart. What’s wrong can’t get a cookie to turn out right!! By the way I bake my own bread, paint my own artwork, do my own crafts, sew, crochet, etc, etc, etc and have even raised 7 children What are YOUR accomplishments honey; I don’t recall reading your last book or watching YOUR television show. Get the point!!!!!!

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