happy birthday!

A great big happy birthday to Anna! My lovely demon imp has her birthday today! We celebrated last night with copious amounts of thai food and liquor. Actually, Anna had copious amounts of liquor, Emily was on allergy meds and couldn’t drink and I’m just finding that I just don’t drink so much anymore. We managed to fulfill Anna’s greatest fantasy by watching dinosaur movies all night.
Of course we must mix the good and the bad until we get a lovely life slurry! The compressor for the AC in my car went out. Pain in the ass. My car started overheating and at first I thought it was another leak in the radiator tube something, but I had that fixed last year. Process of elimination and all that and I’m gonna have to get my car fixed.
In yarn news: I have a grocery bag packed full of yarn for 2 new projects and the cool part is that I paid for none of it. I need to spend the rest of my life doing projects for other people. The yarn shop is going to have me ‘test drive’ new crochet patterns for them as well. Nice.