Mostly better

Went back to work yesterday and promptly came home after 2 hours. Still sick.
I spent the time at home being constructive. I cleaned out my ‘crap’ closet, organized my filing and cleared off the dining room table (aka the flat filing cabinet). I also put the christmas decorations away!
Having the dining room table cleared inspired me to get some photos printed so I hauled out the printer and ended up covering the dining room table in photos. I printed more photos than I have frames for, but that just means I will have to get creative with my photos.
I haven’t mentioned lately how much I LOVE my photo printer, but I do! and I love how easily iPhoto plays with the printer. It’s positively dreamy!
Back to work…
I am discovering that my job entails way way more detail than I realized. The system I have laid out seems so inherently logical but that’s because I made it. Poor Anna is trying to figure it all out and she only works 2 days a week. I’ll write something up for her before I go.
It also didn’t help that I was feeling very impatient today. The pms and the being sick and all that, it doesn’t make for good training.
Tonight David and I went out for tamales and then over to the Riverview cafe where we saw Al Franken carting his giant skull across the street to the MSPIFF opening festivities. He really does have a big skull! Anyway, we sat and listened to the open mic players for a bit then drove around town comparing houses.
And now, after the tamales and chai and driving, my belly is back to rolling a bit. Crap.
Rock on party people!