yeah…I got nothing.
With David being in Wisconsin for a few days I took the day off to revel in the solitude.
And I did what i always do, I cooked. Pretty much spent the day cooking, watching movies, eating ice cream, running errands and chilling.
Oh, and arguing with the dogs about appropriate behavior.
Dammit, I think I need to talk about anal sex again or something. That was a post that got a lot of interest. Perhaps I’ll write about oral sex or masturbating soon.
I’ll dazzle you with sex and you won’t even notice the color scheme!
Dammit, I have to go back to work tomorrow. Crap. I like staying home!


I got smacked. Hard.
Actually, it wasn’t too bad. Good points were made. Some of the posts ARE boring. I know. My life has become boring in many ways. Also, I like the color scheme but I can see how it would be a problem. Are you reading this, Mark? Are you?? Take this advice to the design you are doing for me. You ARE still doing that, aren’t you?
You know why the titles aren’t bold? Because I started this blog so damned long ago that 1) it wasn’t a ‘blog’ because at that time a ‘blog’ was a website where someone listed cool links they had found. This was referred to as a ‘webjournal’. This was started so damned long ago we didn’t have movable tpe or blogger or livejournal to base our templates on. I’m old. This is so old that when I started it, it didn’t occur to me to title the posts, so the titles are an afterthought. Hell, it takes a while for me to even start titling the posts. It’s a good point, though, the titles should be bold. Perhaps I’ll start bolding my titles.
She like Ghengis’ name. That’s pretty cool.
If you read the comments, you can see that lots of people hate the color scheme. Sigh. I like it. I didn’t design it though.
Alright, I’m still migrating over to the new place (it’s taking forever because I am slow and lazy) and these are good suggestions. The new place is on Movable Type software so it will have that uniformity of look and feel to it. Hopefully, Mark is actually working on the colors…Mark?
Okay, I have today off. I should actually get out of bed and do something more interesting so I’ll have something interesting to write about. Dammit, I knew it was getting boring around here.