String theory

David and I have been trying the different mexican places on Lake st. Last night David brought me a burrito con barbacoa sin cebollas! It was damned tasty, if a bit salty.
Later, we headed over to the lake for a walk. I need to remember to bring my camera. We pondered the ducks, the flowering trees, the bird and fish bones.
I curled up and read Lovecraft and considered how television and media are making us cynical. I’d never read Lovecraft before, I’m reading a collection of short stories and they’re good, but not nearly as scary as I’d hoped.
Later I did dream I was trapped on an island and people we could not see were hunting us, so I guess they do work.
Or maybe it wasn’t the book, maybe it was the burrito! At 2 am I woke up with a terrible rolling and pain in the belly. blergh. I have a theory that when you eat something truly evil it is evil on multiple dimensions and can send out quantum threads and strings and grab previous meals and pull them out of the digested dimensions.
At 2am I lost (in reverse order of being eaten) the evil burrito, french fries and chicken fingers, a large americano, ice cream with chocolate and cookies, lambchop asparagus and cherry cobbler, the #5 mcdonald’s breakfast, another americano, a handful of chips, swedish pancakes and coffee, and a cheeseburger and fries.
Everything I ate this weekend ripped from the cosmos and run in reverse through my system.
I truly wanted to die.
Instead I slept late and did the one thing that really brings me comfort. I got out my mom’s china teapot, made up copious amounts of Earl Grey Tea, put on my velvet fat pants and my goofy white tiger cub t-shirt and curled up on the sofa with the dogs.
I’m cranky and I don’t feel good. Leave me alone.