another short recap

Sorry, these have to be short, stupid wrist
* My sister actually has a freaky scary infection in a nerve in her gum. She’s freaked out, the doctor is freaked out, I’m freaked out. Please send good thoughts her way, it is much worse than I realized.
* Am I morally obligated to not use my hand much at home so I can get the most out of it at work? On one hand (snork) it is just work and I do have vacation and sick time if I need it. On the other, non-bump affected hand, they are paying me and so i should give them what they paid for. I don’t know. I had to leave an hour early yesterday because my hand hurt, later in the evening I made flat bread which made it hurt worse and in the process I thought maybe I should not have made the flat bread because it wasn’t fair to compromise my work hours. Opinions?
* I discovered that $13 is a LOT of money for a dozen condoms. Walgreens will never see another condom related dollar from (unless I am too lazy to go to Target)
* Speaking of Target, I desperately need to go there and buy an electric can opener. I feel like a number one atard because I cannot operate the can opener anymore.
* The weather is LOVELY. LOVELY LOVELY LOVELY. The sun is bright, the dogs are happy, everything feels hopeful.
* Wearing a padded wrist brace in warm weather is a bad and stinky idea. bad and stinky.
Be good to yourselves, party people.