The Grind Down

This is the quickie “my hand fucking hurts” post
1) Easter at my dad’s last night because he will be working on Easter Proper.
2) Easter Proper at my mom’s. Lamb! YUM.
3) My sister had to cancel “Fried Chicken Night”. I weep. She has some sort of infection in her gums or something. I giggle.
4) Saturday David went kayaking and Ghengis and I took a nice long hike in Moose Lake State Park while we waiting to meet him at the pick up point. Pictures will be posted in Ephemera when I feel like it.
5) Have condoms always been so expensive or have I just never noticed? A box of 12 was over $13. Is this normal? They weren’t crazy or anything, just trojans of some sort or another. On the other hand, I guess I don;t mind, I think bargain basement condoms are a bad idea
6) Ghengis is starting a band, Funktomic Bomb and the Mushroom Crowd. Maddie will be on keyboards, he still needs a drummer.
7) Surgery, May 16, 2 weeks off with narcotics. YEAH!