cashmere goat

So there’s this whole Gift of the Magi thing going on with the birthday cake. I’m a total social event planner, i get off on planning parties and I know that David doesn’t. In trying to help him with the whole birthday party thing I went ahead and ordered a cake for me. I should have checked with him first. I suck, he had plans for a cake.
Easy enough, though, I cancelled my cake and we’re off to the races. Or something.
Nicest line in an email to me today: “What’s wrong little peanut?”. It totally made me feel better!
I’m driving the Allergen-mobile right now! I parked it on the street the other night as I was expecting to go out again and didn’t. My neighbor has this gi-fucking-gantic evergreen tree in her front yard. This tree got tree-horny and sprayed a thick layer of greenish pollen stuff all over everything. My car is covered in it, but the cool part is that it seems to work like fingerprinting dust, it really sticks to the handprints and fingerprints on my car. I’m more than a little disturbed at some of the handprint placements on my car.
So I need a car wash.
Yesterday, I went to go compare auto insurance rates. Currently I pay something like $90 a month or something like that, I don’t know, I know I write the check for less than $100 a month. The cheapest rate I could pull on Geico was $178! Screw that! Screw you, Geico!
Yet another dream that I will never realize. Dammit.
I’m off to eat papdi chat and masala chai!