Paging Dr Freud

I’m a little obsessed with my dreams. I love my dreams. I don’t love them in an ‘altered state, premonition, astral plane’ way, I don’t usually analyze them in any deep way. I love my dreams because they are usually very vivid and very emotional, sometimes so vivid they come back to me as memories of actual events and not just dreams. It’s kinda like being able to live this whole other bizarro life where sometimes I can breathe under water or fly or shoot people without consequence.
The other night I had a dream that really struck me. In this dream I spent time with a number of my exes and former lovers (but only the ones I am currently still friends with) and in the time spent together each one rejected me in a way that was very specific to them. One made plans with me but when someone more interesting came by they left with them without so much as a goodbye. One spent the entire time during an intimate act discussing the various people they would like to date. And still another one, when asked to go out, fell silent and unresponsive.
These situations really have less to say about about the people involved and a lot to say about how I felt in the relationships or how I felt about the way they evolved. I’ve spent a lot of time analyzing this.
Funny thing is, it sounds like it would be depressing or sad, but actually it’s not. I’ve actually been very happy since this dream. I’m not entirely sure why, but i think it felt like closure in some way.
Either way, this dream and a few other things lately have conspired to make me pretty fucking joyful!