I’m Back

Not that you missed me or anything. I had a long laz weekend at my mom’s (how this is different from the rest of my life is hard to tell). We hung out, went shopping, watched many many movies. I got to cook for her which was a lot of fun. She’s a high school teacher so I went to graduation on Friday not, reminded me why I don’t remember much of my own graduation, it was BORING.
Ghengis had a great time terrorizing her cats, playing outside, eating Frosty Paws and swallowing a dead bird whole.
Me, I’m back to sitting on the couch, already glad this week is a short one. Not much else to say. Hi.

So Long

No, not forever, you will never be that lucky.
I’m off for the weekend. I’m taking the Ghenginator and we are heading up to my mom’s for the weekend. i’ve had a shitty 2 weeks and, basically, I need my mom. She’ll make me soft boiled eggs and tea and we’ll watch movies and sit on the porch swing and watch the lake. It will be good and comforting.
If things go well, i’ll be recharged and relaxed. I’ll have a little more steel in my sternum to help me face whatever life tosses my way. This will be good, I feel relaxed and happy already.
I’ll miss you guys, but only because there is no technology up there!! If you miss me, love me, or just want to let me know what a pinch of bile i am, send it to my phone and I’ll respond in kind!
Love you, miss you, talk to you later


I have
felt the earth
beneath my feet
I have
raised my face
to the sky
and watched it
its mirth
I have
received the gift
this life
and i smiled
at every

Countdown to Atkins

My life is full of retarded personal decisions and Monday morning I embark on yet another one. Monday morning, I start the Atkins diet.
There are a number of reasons why I’m doing this, not the least of which is I need something sorta hardcore and involved to focus on.
This whole week, since I’ve decided to do this, I’ve been getting my carbs out of the way. My last carb intensive meal is by far the worst. One bag of Tostito bite sized tortilla chips, one jar of Taco Bell salsa con queso, and Miller High Life, the Champaigne of Beers.
Cheers. I was gonna warn you that I might be pissy because of the diet, but really, would you even notice the difference?