Goddammed Motherfucking Son of a Bitch

We all know my feelings about ‘artists’ and their ‘artwork’ when it involves the looping video presentation outside my office. Well some talentless hack asshole has set up an entire week’s worth of looping videos. Something new every day.
Monday was a video of him sleeping, snoring loudly with an alarm clock beeping incessantly.
Tuesday gave us a looping video of him talking and pointlessly pretending to be ‘talking’ to people who might be in the gallery. Problem was, he couldn’t really think of what to talk about so he would just whistle to fill space.
Wednesday was him pretending to be a runway model with a soundtrack of thumping hipster techno music. just him, over and over again pretending to model and changing his clothes on camera.
Today is especially cryptic and pointless. Lots of moving cameras in different locations, some footage of an aerobics class, some bits of the opening riff to ‘One Night in Bangkok’. Lots of blathering. Nothing interesting.
Is there an artistic point to any of this? maybe i’m not qualified to answer that, but frankly it just looks like an exercise in mental masturbation by a guy who probably watches himself in the mirror when he jerks off.
God, I hope he graduates soon. His entire artistic ‘career’ here at the school has been tiring and pointless. Yes, guy, we totally know that blood for oil is a bad idea, yes atrocities are committed all over the world. Hey, why don’t you get all up in my face again with your displays about sex and violence. Also, why don’t you go fuck yoursef. Oh wait, you already are with every fucking piece of shit you put on display.
And you wanna know the biggest difference between him and I? At least I fucking recognize that I’m not an artist. He’s seriously making me rethink my stance about bringing guns on campus. No, I don’t want to shoot him (tempting though the thought may be), I want to shoot that fucking VCR and make him watch his futures end.
(does it turn you on when i make obscure sci-fi references?)
(man it felt good to rant)